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SEND missionaries work with Slavic Macedonians and Muslim minority groups, such as Albanians and Roma. Several church plants are in process and sports ministry, language classes, and Business as Mission initiatives are key platforms for building relationships and sharing the gospel.



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Fifty years of communism left many agnostics and atheists in this country where less than 0.1% are evangelical believers. Macedonia’s Eastern Orthodox heritage gives many a false Christian identity based on a complex system of rituals, saints, and religious holidays.  A strong Muslim minority is the second unreached people group of Macedonia.

SEND has established a church in one of the fastest-growing suburbs of the capital city and national leadership has taken responsibility for the ministry.  A second church is being planted, a third one is in early stages and a fourth one is preparing for launch.

SEND’s ministry in Macedonia began in the early 90s at the invitation of a Macedonian church. When war broke out in the Balkans later that decade, missionaries personally delivered relief supplies to Kosovar refugees, building friendships and opportunities to share the gospel.

Operation World – Macedonia
The definitive prayer guide to every nation.  This site is full of great information on geography, peoples, religions, and prayer requests.

Joshua Project – Macedonia
Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups with the fewest followers of Jesus Christ.  You can find all sorts of information on people groups, languages, statistics, and ministry activities.

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