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Making disciples among the unreached

WASH Specialist - South Asia

experienced in community water management in rural communities in South Central Asia

Experienced worker to facilitate improvements in community water management in rural communities in South Central Asia, focusing on clean drinking water supplies and water use for agriculture and environmental purposes.

Country: Asia, South Asia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
  • Evaluate the availability of water, the current water rights and water management arrangements and the potential for communities taking the lead in their development
  • Advise communities on ways to improve the availability and quality of water
  • Liaise with other key actors and relevant government departments and involve the latter in monitoring, evaluation and training and wherever possible oversee the work
  • Learn from the communities and apply ones specific knowledge and experience to reality in rural Central Asia
Specific Qualifications:
  • Degree/ Masters in water engineering/ water management and development
  • Experience of working in water sector in developing context
  • Hands-on and/or theoretical training in areas such as group facilitation, community development or mobilization
  • Positive attitude and ability to teach others
  • Management (project and people) experience; experience of working with government in developing nation helpful
Additional Information:
Basic Skills:
  • Prepared to learn and use local languages
  • Able to use computers sometimes; able NOT to use computers sometimes
  • Spoken and written English to reasonable level

Permanent base in a South Central Asian country, with community bases a few hours drive away; potential several weeks stay in a mountainous district--a day's travel away. Rainfall is seasonal, resulting in flash flooding every few years, though drought is also common (6 years in the last 10). Most available water is from springs or open ditches, with potable ground water in some areas (20-50m). Generally there is a need for clean storage and public education about clean water; for better conservation of snow and rain water to improve the mainly rain-fed agriculture and reduce erosion, and for prevention of flooding alongside protection of key land and homes. South Asia, Community Development, Muslim Ministry, Training