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Making disciples among the unreached

Alain & Rita Haudenschild

Alain & Rita
In: Taiwan
ID: 88557
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We are from Switzerland and Germany and minister with SEND in Taiwan since 1992. In 1998 we became a family. From the very beginning we cultivated a culturally and language wise diverse family life. In the years that followed our Mandarin language studies were focused on improving within church planting ministries followed by an assignment in the small Taiwan Mission movement. We have been engaged in church-planting (1992-2001) church-planting and mission movement supportive services with Chinese Christian Evangelistic (CCEA) and in leadership training (Taosheng Theological Seminary 2005-2013). Since 2008 we added a publication ministry, both for publications regarding the Asian Expatriate Church-planting Care Ministry and for the promotion of missions in the Chinese world.  We have both Chinese degrees at the Taosheng Theological Seminary (Rita B.A. in Sacred Music and MDiv. Alain: M.Div and DMin) for services in the Chinese world.  Currently we both are enrolled in further studies at CIU, South Carolina. Our son Jonathan lives in Germany and studies IT in Munich.

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Today our ministries are divided between SEND I.O. Asia and SEND Taiwan areas of responsibilities. After becoming “empty nesters” Rita is engaged as SEND I.O. Asia’s Coordinator for Member Care. Her part for SEND Taiwan is her involvement in a Campus ministry church-planting effort at the National Central University (NCU) in Zhongli. This ministry is a continuation of her former “Elijah Hut ministry” (2010-2014). Alain is heading the I.O. Hub’s Asia Research Department, focusing on „Unreached People Group“ research, writing theological publications and serving as the I.O. liaison for SEND Taiwan’s sent out missionaries. It matches well as a continuation of the former developing and care ministry for unreached South Asians (TECC now called TE&B), the mission research at CCEA and all that grew out of the „Taipei Mission Prayer“ ministry.

The published books about the Hakka in Taiwan, the Expatriates of South Asia. The most recent publication is about 16 centuries of global mission history since Jesus Christ and has become an asset for Chinese church leaders to reflect cross-cultural - and Hakka mission from a new perspective.  While Alain continues to serve the Asian nation immigrants to Taiwan he included them as part of the Asia’s 4880 unreached people groups on his new blog. Since the Taiwan government invited so many international students to Taiwan this people group is about to become included in our ministry focus as well.

The goal for this term is to see the missionary power of the Taiwanese churches increased by establishing two more international student Campus churches, one in Zhongli, the other in Miaoli and to give them to Hakka churches for care and development. By optimizing the coordination of missionary care in Asia Asian missionaries should feel encouraged to join forces for church-planting and ministries among Asian expatriate workers who plan to go back to their home countries as disciples of Jesus and church-planters. Theological publishing will stay important. Alain would like to see the knowledge of unreached people groups (UPGs) gradually improve by adding translators to the Chinese portal of ETNOPEDIA for Chinese churches, especially in Taiwan. Alain is serving in the Hakka Seminary in Longtan working on good quality mission teaching material and encouraging theological students to develop a sharpened vision for the 4880 unreached people groups of Asia.

In this context our wedding psalm has not lost its guiding power for us (Ps 67, 5.6) „May the people praise you oh God, may all the peoples praise you; then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God will bless us.“  

  • Network-Churchplanting among the 600000 unreached Asian immigrants
  • Teaching Intercultural Courses of Theology at the Hakka Seminary
  • Conducting Intercultural Research/ working on Publications for SEND Asia fields in English and Chinese
  • SEND Asia-wide Coordination of Missionary Member Care and Liaison of sent missionaries from Taiwan