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Making disciples among the unreached

Music as Mission

Tags: Canada, Music, Story
Taking a Step of Faith

Curt* has always loved music, and started playing many instruments and singing at an early age. Then, as a 22 year old student, Curt took a step of faith that would change his life! He traveled to the Middle East, sharing the gospel message through music. "The band I was in was approached with the opportunity to go to a country I’d barely heard about, sing about Jesus to predominantly Muslim audiences, and try to connect with a culture I knew nothing about” says Curt. “I was young. I was excited. I was scared. I was willing.” Curt understood very early on the value of his ministry. “We got off the plane and met the people we were to spend the next 6 weeks with. Only hours later we were on stage playing to 400 people. After the concert I met someone who wanted to hear more about this Jesus we were singing about. And it was in that moment that I knew that we were doing an incredibly important thing."

Years Later…

Over 15 years later, Curt has now been on 14 trips to 6 different countries, sharing his faith in Muslim contexts through music and creative arts.Guitar-caption He recently went on his first trip with SEND. "Music reaches the heart." says Curt. "You're able to speak to heart-level issues. If you were to just have a conversation with someone, people can put walls ups. Music and art is a great way to get people thinking of things they wouldn't normally think or talk about." Even with his love of music and ministry, his choice to regularly go on music outreach trips is a sacrifice. There is extra stress for Curt's wife Lisa* and their children when Curt is away. Curt misses work and loses income. Preparing for the tours takes time and energy. But Curt and Lisa make the ministry a priority, and continue to see God at work."We did a music tour in Central Asia in 2000, and presented opportunities for people to receive Christ." Curt recalls. "When we went back to the same country probably a decade later, we heard that some of the people who had received Christ during the concerts had gone on to go to Bible College and planted churches. You plant a seed and you're not necessarily the one who waters it. But someone else does. And ultimately God makes it grow."

Stretching Your Thinking

Curt encourages musicians and artists to stretch their thinking about how to use their gifts.


"There's a huge benefit to get your eyes off being a rock star and get your eyes on the fact that there's a lost world out there that can really benefit from you using your gifts in a different way - in a way that serves the Kingdom of God - seeking out the people who are open to conversations. Arts and creativity can be a tool to open conversations. So I would encourage people to stretch themselves outside of what they know as the normal path for musicians - particularly Christian musicians - whether doing music in church or as a career. There is another option - music as mission."

*This is a true story, but some names have been changed for security reasons.

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