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SEND has teams in four major areas of Ukraine and is developing church planting teams to work among some of  Ukraine’s unreached people groups. The missionaries work with Ukrainians to assist young churches and plant new ones as well as train church leaders and Ukrainian missionaries through Bible colleges and theological seminaries.


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The 1990’s saw tremendous growth in the churches of Ukraine through mass evangelistic events. Today’s Ukraine needs missionaries prepared to share the gospel and disciple new believers through personal relationships. Major ministries include theological education, church planting, Bible studies, camping, children’s ministry, women’s ministry and teaching English (TESOL).

SEND’s ministry in Ukraine launched after US board member Robert Provost made an exploratory trip in 1989. His report said, “Where doors have all been closed for decades, I couldn’t find a closed door! The harvest fields are ripe!” The first SEND workers arrived in Ukraine to begin language study in 1991.

Many see the growing churches in Ukraine as the evangelical hub of Christianity for the entire former Soviet Union. SEND’s goal is to mobilize God’s people in Ukraine to become missionaries equipped for ministry. While many villages and cities still need churches the SEND team also believes that Ukraine will become a major mission force taking the gospel to the nations.

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