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SEND Taiwan missionaries partner with national leaders to engage Taiwanese (Hoklo), Hakka and foreign workers along the island’s unreached west coast. Their variety of ministries include tutoring, Bible storytelling, ministry to foreign brides, ESL, computer classes, MOPS, crafts, music, multi-lingual literature, church planting, discipleship and evangelism.

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Additional Information:

About 3.5 million people in Taiwan live in 60 cities and towns along the western side of the island. Most of these least-reached towns are connected by two ancient roads, old Routes 1 and 19.

The last 145 years of church planting has succeeded in reaching Taiwan’s 15 largest cities. However, dozens of smaller communities along these two roads remain almost completely unreached with the gospel and most are less than 1% evangelical. These are the hardest cities and towns to reach. They comprise the majority of the working class, factory workers and farming-related industry in Taiwan.

Vision 119: Calling for 119 workers to plant 60 churches along old Route 1 and 19 in Taiwan.

SEND International has a five year goal, 2010 to 2015, to start new churches in three of these cities and towns, with a larger goal of reaching all 60 areas by 2029. We believe that strong churches in these areas, in partnership with the larger churches and seminaries in the bigger cities, will be able to complete the evangelization of Taiwan.

1-1-9 is also the emergency number in Taiwan reminding us of the urgency to reach the lost.

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