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SEND Spain has multiple church planting teams working in Madrid and outlying provinces. These teams engage Spaniards and immigrants mainly through TESOL, social ministries, sports, Bible studies, youth ministry and leadership training.


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SEND has fully established several churches and is currently involved in a number of new pioneer church plants. The ministries and strategies the missionaries use differ based on the location and how far along the church plant is. In some places, ministry looks more social while missionaries work to build relationships with their neighbors in the early stages of church planting. In other places where the church is more established, their ministry involves more training and coming alongside emerging Spanish leaders.

Spain is less than 1% evangelical, with over 13 million Spaniards in areas where there is no evangelical church. Spain increasingly is home to immigrants from Latin America, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa with a growing Muslim population.

The Inquisition is still a dark shadow over Spain. In the name of Christianity, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were burned at the stake. This history continues to diminish the claims of Christianity. The traditional church is in serious crisis with loss of numbers and influence. Many Spaniards have instead created their own religion and spirituality. As one Spaniard said, “I’m not like a religious person but I believe in a lot of things in religion.  For example, I’m not Christian but I believe in God.  So it’s like my own religion.”

The first SEND missionaries arrived in Spain in 1987 and within a few months, the five missionaries were studying Spanish and getting acquainted with the local church. TEAM helped sponsor their arrival and introduced them to churches in the Madrid area, launching SEND’s church planting ministry in the country. By 1991, the missionaries were involved in three different churches and their influence continued to spread.

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