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The SEND Slovenia team is committed to planting churches where none exist.  Missionaries are church planting in Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. Through personal contacts, regular kids clubs and Bible studies as well as sharing their daily lives, they reach out to the people around them to make Jesus known.



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Slovenia has a long tradition of Catholicism but participation in the church is declining and few know Christ personally. 87% of the counties in Slovenia have no church to tell them Christ is the answer. Where evangelical churches do exist, only 1000 people in the whole country attend them.

The missionaries are seeking ways to connect to local Slovenes and communicate the gospel. In the next five years, they hope to establish a church in Ptuj, establish another church in a new location, and add church planters, youth workers and an evangelist to the missions team.

Since SEND’s ministry in Slovenia began in the early 90s, the team has helped form one church plant in Maribor and has handed over leadership to local believers. Missionaries are now working with the Maribor church to launch the church plant in Ptuj.

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