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SEND Poland facilitates church planting through Regional Impact Teams (RIT) to establish reproducing churches in strategic urban centers. They also facilitate developing churches in the region. Missionaries connect with people through language schools, discussion and game clubs, sports and youth ministries and a coffeehouse.



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Poland is one of the most religious countries in Europe yet the vast majority of Poles think God is irrelevant for daily life.  Few people work with teens and young adults and the traditional church is quickly losing influence among them.  One young Polish couple said, “For young people, it’s pointless to go to the church.”

Poland is less than 0.2% evangelical with only 500 evangelical churches for 38.5 million people. There are nearly 2 million students, largely unreached.

SEND Poland missionaries have established two churches and the Regional Impact Teams are involved in two more pioneer church plants while facilitating an additional three through training and mentoring.

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Joshua Project – Poland
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