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The Middle East stretches between the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Sea, touching Europe in the west and Central Asia in the east. The vast majority of its inhabitants are Muslim. SEND reaches the people in one of these countries through living out the gospel among them.


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One hundred years ago, 10% of the world was under Islam. Today 22% of the world is Islamic and it continues to grow, but more Muslims have come to Christ in the last 40 years, than in the previous 1400!

SEND’s decade of history in this country has led to deep relationships and many followers of Jesus.

In the next five years the SEND team in the Middle East will seek to communicate a culturally relevant biblical message in the heart language of Muslim people by sharing life, work, and the gospel in biblical stories and developing leaders in ways that fit the local context.

Operation World – Middle East
The definitive prayer guide to every nation.  This site is full of great information on geography, peoples, religions, and prayer requests.

Joshua Project – Middle East
Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups with the fewest followers of Jesus Christ.  You can find all sorts of information on people groups, languages, statistics, and ministry activities.

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