Russia: Transformation Christian Center


Drug addicts looking for freedom, teenagers looking for meaning, and believers looking for training can find what they need at Transformation Christian Center (TCC).


TCC Video (YouTube)


TCC is one of a kind—the only Christian center in Russia’s Central Black Soil Region (CBSR). Local believers desire to expand on TCC’s current ministries (drug rehab, camping and biblical training) to include conferences and retreats. However, the three-story building is in disrepair with only the first floor operational. Also, local authorities can and will confiscate the building if it remains in its current unfinished condition for much longer. 


SEND International has approved a capital campaign for raising $483,000 to finish the building and make it fully functional. A major portion of this money will install the entire plumbing system, connect it to a main sewer line, and finish all 32 rooms on the second and third floors. It will also furnish every room and purchase commercial appliances for the kitchen and laundry room. A recent matching grant was met and only $80,000 is needed to complete the project.