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SEND Japan reaches Japanese of all ages in Kanto (Greater Tokyo), Tohoku (the disaster area) and Okinawa. The Japan team proclaims Christ through personal evangelism, Bible studies, conversational English classes, soccer, cooking classes, concerts, camping, church planting, and youth outreach.



Additional Information:

Less than 1% of Japanese are connected to any form of Christianity. Most practice both Shinto and Buddhist traditions.

Japan is searching for hope in the wake of the March 11, 2011 triple disaster – earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear crisis. In response, the team has recently established a forward base in the Tohoku disaster area and are using it to launch teams into neighboring prefectures to do long term recovery work.

SEND’s ministry in Japan began in a similar recovery-work situation following World War II. SEND’s decades of work have led to many healthy churches and qualified Japanese leaders. But much more work needs to be done. Most of Japan’s population follows both Shinto and Buddhist traditions and is less than 1% evangelical Christian.

SEND Japan makes disciples in all their ministries with the aim of starting and building up churches that reproduce.

Operation World – Japan
The definitive prayer guide to every nation.  This site is full of great information on geography, peoples, religions, and prayer requests.

Joshua Project – Japan
Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups with the fewest followers of Jesus Christ.  You can find all sorts of information on people groups, languages, statistics, and ministry activities.

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