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The SEND Hungary team assists church planting through support and encouragement services to Hungarians and missionaries.  The team’s strategic location enables them to help missionaries across Europe and Central Asia. Currently missionaries are involved in counseling, missionary training, educational consulting, resources and testing, and MK education.



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The challenges missionaries face in navigating through ministry and life in a foreign context can be overwhelming. Many experience trauma, others face marital crisis, children struggle with learning challenges and resources are scarce. Many missionaries report that if it were not for the services provided by the Hungary team, they would not be able to stay on the field.

The Budapest Care Center provides counseling and training materials for missionaries navigating ministry and life in a cross-cultural setting, as well as provides counseling for Hungarians. SHARE Education Services, a ministry sponsored by 14 agencies including SEND, offers educational consulting, resources, training, and testing for missionary families. The International Christian School provides education for families living in the area. Missionaries also lead seminars on various topics from marriage to pastoral ministry in Hungary and throughout Europe.

SEND’s ministry in Hungary began in 1994 when missionaries moved there to provide an MK education support base. Hungary-based team members travel throughout Europe, Asia and Central Asia in support of missionary families from many organizations. Phil Armstrong, SEND’s first International Director once said, “Because we believe the missionary family is a God-given unit of evangelization, we seek to provide for education of missionary children K through 12 so the missionary family can remain as a unit during its service.”

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