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SEND reaches China’s minority peoples of which less than 0.5% have heard the gospel. SEND works in major cities, connecting with minority migrant workers who come to find jobs. The young people hear the gospel, are discipled in their faith, and tell their family and friends back in the villages.



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Most minority people live in villages that are almost inaccessible to outsiders. However, many minority young people are leaving these villages in search of jobs in the city. While this creates problems at home—tearing families apart and leaving children to be raised by grandparents—it also creates opportunities for Christians to reach them with the gospel.

SEND works with local believers to engage these migrant workers with the gospel and disciple them. Currently, we have ministries to Yi and Hakka and in the next five years, we hope to engage five unreached people groups with the gospel.

SEND also works with city university students, primarily in English programs, introducing them to the gospel and connecting them with local church fellowships for discipleship.

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