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SEND Bulgaria seeks to reach three main people groups: Bulgarians, Roma (gypsies), and the large Muslim population. Each of these groups requires different strategies and ministries, including theological education, church planting, children’s ministry, teaching English and music ministry.



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SEND partners with local organizations and other missionaries to minister in Bulgaria. Missionaries have worked with St. Trivelius Christian Institute (formerly UTF) since the early 90s, impacting hundreds of pastors and churches. A recent partnership with an experienced Korean missionary has opened up opportunities to reach the Roma (gypsies). And as the Bulgarian church grows, SEND’s focus has also shifted toward local Muslim groups. Some missionaries teach at an MK school in Sofia to support missionary families.

In the early 90s, a small group of Protestant churches in Sofia, Bulgaria united to launch a resident pastoral training school. SEND partnered with them by providing a basic theological library and sending a teacher. Also crucial during this time was SEND’s collection and distribution of relief items to refugees during the breakup of Yugoslavia. SEND has continued its presence at the school while expanding its ministry to other areas and people groups.

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