Missionaries Need Counselors Too

SEND missionary, Evan Parks, runs a counseling center in Budapest, Hungary that primarily addresses issues faced by missionaries in Europe. God has used him to help missionaries who are struggling with issues that may be common to all believers, or often, unique to living overseas. The missionary Care Center is keeping missionaries emotionally and spiritually able to minister where God has placed them. Here’s a testimony from a couple who found answers at the Budapest Care Center.

The husband says,

We were serving in a village and had just started a new church. My wife gave birth to our first child and suddenly became very depressed. I didn’t know what to do and neither did she. Soon our marriage began to fall apart.

Two years later was the lowest point in our life. Our marriage was not working and we were constantly in conflict. Our second child was born and my wife once again was very depressed and would turn against me. I felt we could no longer serve God. We asked someone for help and they gave us the number of the Budapest Care Center.

We were very bitter and angry and had no idea what was happening to our marriage. When we started counseling, for the first time we felt someone understood. Not just that, but finally we began to understand what was happening and why.

I do not think we would still be a family had God not brought the help we needed from Evan Parks. The road to recovery is much longer than we expected, but we know now that life is good and we have a future. We are so thankful that my wife is a new person and I am changing as well.

The wife says,

To this day I am afraid of my father, who is a pastor. He rejected, criticized, threatened and hurt his children. He taught others how to live, but he did not know how to live out what he taught. I was always insecure and anxious, and later as an adult these problems continued.

When I became a wife and a parent, all my insecurity and anger began to impact the people I wanted to love. I did not want it to, but it did. Had I not gotten help at the Budapest Care Center, I do not know if I could have continued living my life. When we met with Evan Parks, he was able to explain how my past was still effecting the present. Today, I’m not angry, I don’t feel ashamed, and I feel valuable as a person and as a woman. But best of all, I am able to love my husband and family.

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