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SEND workers focus on Albanian families, many of whom have experienced war and loss in recent years and identify themselves as Muslim. SEND engages these families through village outreach, outdoor adventure and English camps, youth ministry, university outreach, Bible studies, sports and TESOL, and community health.


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Through centuries of wars and conflicts, Albanians have been scattered throughout South Central Europe and significant populations live in Albania, Kosova, Macedonia and Montenegro.

SEND’s ministries in this part of the world began in 1993 when short-term teams of farmers answered the government’s call for help to retrain local farmers after the commune system failed. SEND workers have continued to cultivate close relationships and are free to engage people with the gospel in respectful ways.

Albanians tend to have a high Islamic identity but do very little to practice their religion. However they are slowly and quietly responding to the gospel, particularly through the camps, and discipling these new believers is vital to their growth process.

Joshua Project – Albania Ministries
Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups with the fewest followers of Jesus Christ.  You can find all sorts of information on people groups, languages, statistics, and ministry activities.

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